The geospatial industry acquires, integrates, manages, analyzes, maps, distributes, and uses geographic, temporal and spatial information and knowledge. The industry includes basic and applied research, technology development, education, and applications to address the planning, decision-making, and operational needs of people and organizations of all types.

To maximize benefits, it is important that all geographic information use identical standards that will allow one subject matter to be overlaid with another. It is also important that the information be made available to interested parties as a state asset to be shared. As an ongoing effort, the objective is to set standards, build on the geographic information base, make the information available and advertise its existence.



USGS Missouri Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Public Workshop – June 3rd; the meeting is being held in Room 232, Parkade Center, 601 Bus. Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO. USGS requires pre-registration for the meeting; click here for more information and to get registered.